Type Ratings

Heli-Hire LTD offers Type ratings in the Robinson R22 Helicopter and the Hughes 500 Model helicopter. Heli-Hire can provide type ratings in our clients own machine, or source a helicopter for which the type rating is required.

The Robinson R22 is one of the more difficult small helicopters to fly. Having completed a PPL or CPL in another machine, Heli-Hire Limited can offer type rating flights in our R22. The cost for these flights is $520 per flying hour.

The Hughes 500C/D is a small to medium size turbine powered helicopter. Having completed a PPL or CPL, and a Basic Gas Turbine theory exam with ASL, we offer type rating flights in our Hughes 500C/D. With a PPL, the average flight time to obtain a type rating in this machine is around 5 hours, and with a CPL around 3 hours. The cost per flying hour for this machine is $1,380.

Heli-Hire Limited is committed to providing training in accordance with the NZ CAA guidelines. We endeavour to put you through your ratings in the shortest but safest possible time.