Private Licence

From the very first flight, through to the flight test, Heli-Hire Limited is committed to ensuring that you, as a student, get the best possible training in order to achieve your Private Pilots License.

You can start flying at any age, but are unable to go solo until you are 16, or hold a PPL until you are 17 years old. For a PPL, a CAA Class-2 medical is required. It is recommended that you get this issued prior to your training to ensure that you will be able to obtain your license.

Heli-Hire Limited also offer Limited FREE Accommodation* valued at around $130 per week to students training with us, a saving of approx $2860 while studying on the Private Helicopter Pilot Training Programme**. Please contact us to learn more about the Private Helicopter Pilot Training Programme and this accommodation offer with Heli-Hire Limited.

The prices quoted below are estimates based on the cost of obtaining a PPL, with no previous flight training experience, and with the minimum of 50 hours flying. Theory courses are run when required, but will incur an additional charge. Students may require additional flight instruction, dual or solo, to get to the required standard to hold a PPL.

  • 50 Hours Flight Training (R22) $ 27,250
  • 1.3 Hours Flight Test (R22) $ 709
  • Flight Test Fees $ 400
  • Aviation Theory Manuals $ 309
  • Aviation Theory Exams $ 372
  • Aviation Language Proficiency Test – From $ 129
  • Class 2 Medical – From $ 200
  • License Issues $ 55
  • Charts & Publications $ 379
  • CAA Pilots Logbook $ 30
  • TOTAL $ 31,796
    NB: All prices include GST (15%) Prices effective Oct 2010.

The PPL theory courses and CAA exams required to be completed by PPL students are:
Flight Radio Telephone Operators Rating, Meteorology, Law, Aircraft Technical Knowledge – Helicopter, Human Factors and Flight Navigation. These exams are conducted by Aviation Services Ltd and a pass mark of 70% must be obtained.

From 8 May 2008, CAA require evidence of Aviation Language Proficiency for any new license issue or license upgrade. ASL offer the ICAO mandated Aviation Language Proficiency Testing which will cost $99 for proficient English language speakers, or $246 for those where English is a second language.

Please contact us to learn more about obtaining a PPL with Heli-Hire Limited.

Download a Prospectus here – PDF Format.

Information for International Students
Heli-Hire Limited caters for those who choose to train in New Zealand as an International Student.

* FREE On-Site Accommodation is strictly limited and is purely filled on a first come/first served basis. Accommodation is Shared Accommodation.

** This course is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989, and Heli-Hire Limited is accredited to teach it.

contact us for more details.