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Heli-Hire Limited is located in Ngongotaha on the edge of Lake Rotorua. This volcanic wonderland offers a scenic and diverse training area. Limited accommodation is available on-site at no charge for those international students who are studying full time.
Some advantages of studying with Heli-Hire Limited in New Zealand, is that you can enjoy the wonders of the region, a relatively high number of days with productive flying hours, all while being able to spend time at the beach in Summer and at the snow in Winter.
To check whether or not you might be eligible to learn to fly in New Zealand, please check out some of the links below.

For residents of countries other than Australia and New Zealand, a Student Visa will be required. The New Zealand Immigration Service have requirements for a student to obtain a Study Visa and these can be viewed on the Immigration New Zealand website.

Immigration New Zealand Can I study in NZ?
Student Visa/Permit Guide
Student Visa/Permit Application
Office and Fee Finder

For detailed general information regarding Immigration to New Zealand;

Immigration New Zealand

It is recommended that a potential student obtains a NZ CAA Medical Certificate prior to embarking upon training in New Zealand. Follow this link to see a list of Medical Examiners certified to issue NZ CAA Medical Certificates outside of New Zealand.

Directory of Overseas Medical Examiners

The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority along with IACO have a minimum requirement for the comprehension and verbalisation of the English Language. There has recently been added to the curriculum for obtaining a Pilots License, a verbal test to ensure that you have a good grasp of the English language. To read more about this, please follow the link to Aviation Services Ltd, the organisation contracted to conduct the New Zealand CAA examinations.

Aviation Services Ltd

Anyone holding or applying for an aviation document, or anyone who has control over the exercise of the privileges of an aviation document, must satisfy the Director of Civil Aviation that they are a fit and proper person to do so. This is a requirement of the Civil Aviation Act 1990. For detailed information regarding this requirement, please follow the link below.

Civil Aviation Authority – Fit and Proper Person

If you already hold a license issued in a country other than New Zealand, for example a Private Pilots License, but wish to study to a Commercial Pilots License level, you will be able to convert your license by following steps as prescribed by the New Zealand CAA. It is important that you have your hours and experience acknowledged by the New Zealand Authority so that you can avoid doing more training than is required to obtain your qualification. By following the link for CAA, you will see what requirements need to be met to achieve this.

Civil Aviation Authority

As outlined in the Private Pilots License and the Commercial Pilots License pages, the costings are in New Zealand Dollars. To convert our rates into the currency of another country, please follow the link for the Travel Currency Converter. The conversion is to be used as a guide only, is only accurate at the time of submitting your inquiry, and does not take into account any fees involved with converting currency.

Travel Currency Converter, The Currency Site.

Should you require more information about training in New Zealand with Heli-Hire Limited, please do not hesitate to contact us.