Hunting Report

May 2013

Post Roar update

Well what a roar we have had!!!, a lot of deer been pulled out of the park during the month of April.
All but three parties we took in came back with at least one stag, some with up to seven or eight, and the parties that didn’t get anything weren’t short on any chances, with a lot of :”The one that got away stories coming out”

One thing to note, there appears to be a lot more Pigs around this year, Especially up in the Whirinaki where a hunting party from Taranaki came out with a huge pig Jaw, biggest we have seen in the last 5 years.

Check out the photo section for some to the heads our clients pulled out.

Jan 2013

Its has been a quiet month for people in the park, with most huts empty. Reports are tell us the all the deer are down low in the rivers, with alot of sign. Not much sign up on the ridge lines.

Trout fishermen have been doing well now the dry flys have come on up in the Waiau, the rivers are very low so stalking during the day has been very hard.

On a positive note, the Whirinaki appears to still have high numbers of deer after the green rain. Six stags on one clearing just south of Blue Slips were seen late on evening.

Over the next few weeks and into late Feb we will be spending a bit of time in the park so will give you a update just before the roar.

Nov 2012

Over the past month hunters have getting having great success in the Te Urewera park. One party we took in for 3 nights reported they had seen over 20 deer, and have bagged six, which is great going for just 3 nights.

All animals are reported down low, not much seen on the ridge lines which is understanding considering the 25+ degree days we have been having in Galatea.

The Park has had alot of visitors, we most huts on the Whakatane full, both trout fishermen and hunters. Some of the more out of the way huts havent seen people in months.

With trout fishing season on us, we are a few trips book for the Te Urewera and Whirinaki back country streams, will let you know in the next report on how the fishermen are going, but reports from hunters say there a few fish in the river.

Oct 2012

This is the first report since operating under Heli-Hire.

The weekend of the 6th/7th October a few hours was spent flying around the park doing our yearly pad inspections before the busy spring seasons. It was a nice spring afternoon and alot of deer were spotted throughout the park, we shows there are still high populations on deer in the Te Urewera national park.

We started the Flight up the Horomanga River, no Deer were seen in the creek bed, only the odd man on horse back, before cutting off the the left and heading into Ngaheramai hut. A Rusa was spotted on the clearing outside the hut, a smaller bodied spiker. We circled the young deer who was content in just watching us before we flew off down stream.

We then flew up the Valley to Right branch, and a few Red deer seen on the faces below the hut, north of the hut another Rusa was seen sunning itself mid afternoon, id recomend this a good place to go have a look.

We flew over to casino and down stream from the hut, some really nice riverbed clearings, but we didnt see any animals on them, not to suprized was fairly hot and mid afternoon.

Was cross the Whatatane river and flew up between Ohane and Otanetea hut, again two more Rusa, a hind and yearlying, As we headed up to Otanetea it come clear this place hasnt had much pressure, alot of Red deer both above and below this hut, including the river below the hut on the true left. A big bodied stag (for Te Ureweras anyway) that had dropped its antlers, and 4 smaller 4-6 point red stags all standing on a clearing.

In all we flew over the park for about 1 our and would of seen well over 30 deer, which is great considering the time of the day and heat in the sun.

Anyway i hope this helps in making decisions on where you might want to take your next hunt.