Hunting Information

Attention Hunters!

Be ready with your gear beside the pad, loose items secured, hats off, ready to go.
If you are in the hills waiting for a pick-up, if we are not there within half an hour of dark we aren’t coming.

We will be in ASAP the next day, but you need to be packed and ready to go right up to that time.
Do NOT decide “Oh they aren’t coming today” and go off hunting, you need to wait.

Full Carcasses.
We will not fly out full carcasses!
You need to bone out your meat or quarter it up,
legs are ok.

Please ensure your rifle bolt is removed and magazine is removed or empty before flight.

Hunting / Fishing Permits
Please obtain your own hunting or fishing permit from DOC or fish and game before your hunting/fishing trip.
DOC hunting permits can now be obtained online at this address.
DOC hunting Permit: All prices listed include GST (15%) and are subject to change without notice.

For fishing permits

Trout fishing Licence:

Some DOC huts require hut passes to stay, refer to DOC website for this information.

There are restrictions on where you can take your dogs in the Te Urewera national park. Please contact DOC in Murupara for Dog permits, and information on Kiwi Aversion training.

Te Urewera National Park Visitor Centre
Phone: +64 6 837 3803
Fax: +64 6 837 3722
Address: State Highway 38 Aniwaniwa
Postal Address: Te Urewera NP Visitor Centre PO Box 114 Murupara 3062