Heli-Hire Ltd offers fertiliser applications of either bagged or bulk products.
Our aerial top dressing capability includes the following but is not limited to:

Solid Fertiliser:

  • Urea
  • Sustain
  • Super phosphate
  • Sulphur
  • Granulated Lime
  • DAP
  • Triple Super
  • Dicalcic
  • Trace Elements & More

Our Spreader Buckets are capable of seeding rates as low as 4kgs/ha

  • New Grass
  • Forestry Conversions
  • Crops
  • Fence Lines
  • New Tracks
  • Slips

Take advantage of the slower application speed, accuracy and spread of our Hughes 500 and Robinson R44s. We are not affected by wet / muddy airstrips and can work on site. We also have the ability for strategic timing of applications.

Heli- Hire Ltd has our own fleet of trucks to collect fertiliser for you in bags or bulk. We can apply all types of fertiliser at many different rates per hectare and it’s a lot more cost effective than you may think. All we need is for you to fax or email us with an order number and we will organize the rest.

Our fertiliser buckets are capable of spreading rates from 4kg per hectare upwards.

DGPS Precision – Printouts and Overlays available and all application equipment is tested for accuracy.

Owner/Operator for Total Guarantee of all applications.