Hughes 500D

Our Hughes 500D, IWX, was built in 1979 and has completed over 9,500 hours of work since new. Below is a list of specifications for this machine:

Gross Weight 3,000 lb
Empty Weight Equipped (w/full oil) 1,500 lb
Fuel (64 gal) 435 lb
Passengers and Baggage w/stnd fuel 1065 lb

Allison 250 – C20B

Maximum Airspeed (Vne) up to 130 kts
Cruise Airspeed 110 kts
Average Fuel Consumption 100 L/hr
Maximum Operating Altitude 20,000 feet
Hover Ceiling IGE @ 3000 GW 15,000 feet

Hughes 500D ZK-IWX is available for training

Available for hire @ $1,495 per hour.

Contact us for more details.